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5 Reasons We Eat More in Quarantine

The beginning of April is typically the time of year people come out of hibernation. Cuffing season is over. The days are getting longer. The weather starts to improve.All of these factors lead to a common goal: Summer Bodies!We hone in on our diets. We spend more time at the gym. We dust off the bathroom scale….Except this year. This […]

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Contemplating COVID-19

We’re two full weeks into social distancing. At first, it seemed like 15 days would do the trick. Today, however, it feels as though there’s no end in sight.  Despite being in self-quarantine with two of my favorite people in the world (Dia and her mom), I’m really missing the social interactions I’ve become accustomed to.  As […]

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I Sold My Tesla!

Back on April 1st, 2016, I stood in line for 2 hours at the Short Hills Mall to secure my reservation for the Tesla Model 3. My friend, Pankaj, and I even made the background cut on ABC news. I am cheesin’ so hard in this picture. We were next in line. It took 2 years, 4 […]

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As COVID-19 spreads in America, society has split into two main camps.The YOLO crowdThe PRSI crowd (Panic-Ridden & Stress-Induced)The YOLO crowd is standing their ground as they laugh in the face of the meme-worthy Coronavirus. They are reluctant to give up their travel plans. They are “LMFAO-ing”  at the Tom Hanks, Rudy Goberts, and Sophie […]

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Let it Go

I’ve been carrying the same backpack to work everyday since Dia gifted it to me a few years ago. Over time, it’s become heavier and heavier. I felt like an old man trying to pick it up every morning. I would let out a small grunt as I threw it over my right shoulder. I couldn’t […]

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20% of 2020 is Done

The title is a little misleading.  I understand we’re actually only two-twelfths of the way into the year, which translates to 16%.  But that’s just the actual math… Who does actual math? You have to use your imagination to understand 20% of the year is behind us. Allow me to elaborate. Two full months of every year are a […]

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Pay Less Income Tax

In September of 2019, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics published a Consumer Expenditures report for the years ending 2016, 2017, & 2018.  See Table A. Below.The average income before taxes per consumer unit for 2018 was $78,635. The average expenditure per consumer unit for 2018 was $61,224. Source:*The meaning of the blue dots will […]

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Travel Tips

When Dia and I decided we were ready for our first kid, we kicked our travel plans into overdrive.  Over the past 2 years or so, we were lucky to see many new places for various reasons.Weddings: Hawaii, Italy, San Francisco, LA, DallasDia’s Work: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Greater U.A.EMy Work: North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas CityBachelor Parties: […]

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Investing 4 Family

When people who are parents find out Dia and I are pregnant with our first child, the response is always the same. “You’re going to struggle with X, but it’s all worth it.”You’re going to lose a lot of sleep, but it’s all worth it.You’re going to completely lose your routine, but it’s all worth […]

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