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New Business Idea

If I had a dollar for every new business idea I ever came up with I would land somewhere between Bezos and Buffet on the Forbes list.However, if I had a dollar for every business idea I took action on, I’d barely be able to buy a latte from Starbucks.Nonetheless, coming up with new business […]

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Direct Marketing to Distressed Sellers

Building a portfolio of rental properties using the BRRRR method is hard work. Each stage comes with its own set of difficulties. First, you have to buy a property at a deep discount. Finding a motivated seller, especially in today’s market, is incredibly difficult.  Then, you have to manage a thorough renovation. Dealing with contractors is never […]

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4 Lessons From My Mastermind

In October 2020, I joined a Real Estate Mastermind group that meets virtually for one hour per week. We also do a half-day in-person meetup once per quarter. The format of the weekly call is very simple. It starts with a message from the host, Gabe DaSilva. After the message is delivered, we spend about 20-30 […]

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I Started Buying Bitcoin

Disclaimer: None of what you’re about to read is investment advice.–I first caught wind of Bitcoin back in 2017. In one year, the value of BTC went from $965 to just under $20,000 per coin. Bitcoin became the bell of the ball. So many of the podcasts I listen to, YouTube Channels I watch, and […]

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3 Reasons Traditional Lenders Hate Me

I’m in the process of finishing up my first “BRRRR” real estate investment. I’m referring to the 4-family property we acquired to subsidize the cost of Luna’s education.If you’re not familiar with the acronym… B.R.R.R.R stands for Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat.It’s an advanced method of real estate investing that requires sharp-shooter precision at each stage […]

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My Money Flowchart

I’ve spent the last 5+ years self-educating myself on personal finance. I’ve read damn near every book and listened to practically every podcast on the subject.  One of the main things I learned is wealth generation happens in 3 separate phases:Make MoneyKeep MoneyGrow MoneyMore importantly, each phase takes a different set of skills. I’m an expert at […]

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My First Commercial Property

I’m under contract to buy property #3, which will bring me to 11 units total. We should be closing on or around 2/17/21. This rental portfolio all started with the 4-family we bought back in January 2020. The initial goal was to buy an asset that produced enough cashflow to pay for Luna’s daycare in the […]

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Is More Information the Answer?

In 1973, Paul Slovic ran a study to find out the effect more information has on our decision-making ability. He used professional horse racing gamblers, also known as handicappers, as his subjects. It’s important to note that each of these handicappers made a full-time living from betting on horse races. In other words: these were experts, […]

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