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Using Mental Models To Select Childcare

Luna was born during the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States. In the early days, there was a thick silver lining to our new normal. Being forced to stay home allowed us to focus 100% of our attention on Luna for 3 months.  During that time, we were able to lay a solid foundation […]

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Just Death, No Taxes

The New York Times finally got a hold of Donald Trump’s tax returns for the past 2 decades. Aside from the audits, hundreds of millions of dollars in personally guaranteed loans coming due, and illicit write off activity, it seems most people are focusing on one thing: income taxes paid, or lack thereof. According to the Times’ […]

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The Social Dilemma

Former employees of Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, & Pinterest are all hanging around the water cooler. What do you think they’re talking about? Netflix will have you believe they are all clearing their consciences. Each of them are lamenting the role they played in helping create the platforms that are “ruining” our society today. The Social Dilemma is […]

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Raising Private Capital

I just finished re-reading Raising Private Capital: Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People’s Money. This book is written by Matt Faircloth of the Derosa Group. I first read this book when it came out back in August 2018. However, I was nowhere near ready to take action on the lessons provided. So it sat on […]

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4 Tips on Writing a Newsletter

About this time last year, I was itching to flex my creative muscle in the form of a weekly newsletter.  Fast forward to today and we’re just one week away from issue #52 of SunShakSunday.  It’s been quite the journey. Over the past year, there were a handful of times where I’d have the next 3-4 weeks of […]

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Luna’s College Fund

My parents paid for my entire college experience.TuitionHousingMeal PlanBooksLate Night Pizza, Taco Bell, …BoozeAll of it. Covered. I never saw a bill from the Bursar Office or heard anything about what my education cost them. But it didn’t start there, my parents also paid for my last two years of public high school because we moved […]

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Cashflow Quadrant

The Cashflow Quadrant is a way to categorize how people earn their income. Poor Dad would say go to school and get good grades so you can ultimately get a good job (E). If you’re really good at your job, maybe you can turn yourself into a small business (S).  Rich Dad would say go to school […]

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Hospital Bill

We received our bill from the hospital for Luna’s Delivery. When I saw the amount we owed, my eyes widened.  When I saw the total amount the hospital billed, my jaw hit the floor. Before I share the total amount, I’ll highlight a few of the major charges.   The total for the 6 line items above is a little […]

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