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My Thoughts on Happiness

I’ve delayed writing out my thoughts on happiness for far too long. Mostly because I didn’t know which format I wanted it to take. Would it be better as a list, an anecdote, or a preachy sermon?A second obstacle to overcome is dealing with Imposter Syndrome. Am I qualified to write about happiness? Is my […]

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Never Be A Busboy

In September 2017, I took a trip down to Fayetteville, North Carolina. I went down with a small team of investors to perform due diligence at a 200 unit apartment complex. After the first day of touring the property, we found ourselves at a bar/restaurant trying to get a feel for the locals. It was […]

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Negative Visualization

If you’ve come to know me in any capacity, you’d think I’m high on life. I like to think I come off as an optimistic and generally happy person. And it’s true: I love my life. So much so, that I kind of feel like the quantity in which I am content, comes off as […]

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