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Never Buy a Property in Cash, Here’s What to do Instead

In today’s real estate market (July 2021), sellers expect offers to come with as few contingencies as possible. A contingency is a stipulation a buyer builds into their offer. These stipulations generally protect the buyer from losing their deposit in case they decide to back out of their purchase contract.Some common contingencies buyers build into their […]

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My Tech Stack as a Real Estate Investor

A “tech stack” is the combination of technologies a company uses to build and run its organization.  “Real Estate Investing” and “Technology” don’t often find themselves in the same sentence. After all, buying, holding, and selling real estate has been around forever. Until recently, I’ve been a one-man show relying on a handful of relatively inexpensive (or […]

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Get Your Refinance Docs In a Row

It took me about 6 months to refinance my 4-family investment property. I spent most of that time chasing loans I wouldn’t qualify for.Then my cousin found me a lender that was willing to do a “no-doc loan” at a decent rate and term. A “no-doc loan” requires very little, if any, documentation from the individual borrower. […]

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New Business Idea

If I had a dollar for every new business idea I ever came up with I would land somewhere between Bezos and Buffet on the Forbes list.However, if I had a dollar for every business idea I took action on, I’d barely be able to buy a latte from Starbucks.Nonetheless, coming up with new business […]

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