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4 Investment Options

I’m currently experiencing what most would describe as a “good problem to have”.  It’s one of those situations where all the alternatives are pretty good options. I can’t really go wrong with any selection.  Maybe you can help me decide. I’m going to tell you the decision I’m facing and I’d like to know… What Would YOU […]

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House Hacking Case Study

A real estate investment came across my desk and we’re highly considering purchasing it for personal use.  It also happens to make for a great long term investment.  In this post, I’ll take you through my thought process in evaluating the opportunity. Opportunity Detail:First, let’s start with what we know about the property now.  Deal Type: Off-market (not listed […]

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Investing 4 Family

When people who are parents find out Dia and I are pregnant with our first child, the response is always the same. “You’re going to struggle with X, but it’s all worth it.”You’re going to lose a lot of sleep, but it’s all worth it.You’re going to completely lose your routine, but it’s all worth […]

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