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My Annoying Business Partners Convinced Me to Sell Our 3-Family Investment Property With These 4 Simple Arguments

 My annoying business partners convinced me to sell our 3-family investment property with 4 simple arguments.Our original plan was to BRRRR this property and keep it for the long haul, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening anymore.My business partners and I currently own 4 properties together and we have another 4 under contract to […]

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Bidding on an Abandoned 18 Unit Apartment Building Riddled With Disinformation

 We just walked through an abandoned 18 unit apartment building.Even though the broker listing had A LOT of disinformation, we will be bidding on this property at Auction.I’m going to go through everything we discovered during our walk-through and how I quickly underwrote this property to come up with my Max Allowable Offer.BEHIND THE SCENES […]

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How to Use Propstream to Find Motivated Sellers [2021]

 I’m going to show you EXACTLY which motivated sellers lists I’m pulling off Propstream in September 2021. I’ve been using Propstream since March of 21 and so far, we’ve landed two wholesale deals that should net $50,000 in assignment fees and two listings that should net another $10,000 in referral commissions. In the past 7 months, we’ve […]

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